Discover a different, original, new travel idea, even just for a day, get out of the daily routine, discover a different authenticity way of living, different from yours, we can help you, with a magical place

Do you need to slow down, pause, find slower and deeper thinking? Take back the power to decide how and what to do. we can help you, here time is all yours, surrounded by breathtaking and motionless landscapes.


If you are looking for an idea, a moment, a suggestion to give a boost to your personal, professional or study life

we can help you with an extraordinary place


Do you need connection? different opinions, confronted, found with whoever you want, discuss, chat, get involved, we can help you, we have the spaces you are looking for.

Book your Moment in our spaces, here you will find a warm, welcoming location, a bar and a bistro, wifi connection, shared printer, office supplies, pillows, the thousand colors of the lake and the mountains, the possibility of being yourself.

For anything else, just ask, we try to do your best.

Daily use all spaces

5 euro

per person  

save the number


whatsapp us your space

If you want to spent a night with us, book your room and all the spaces are always yours.