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When it comes to Como, one usually thinks of the lake, but the mountains, which are sometimes underestimated, are truly beautiful. Lake Como is surrounded by mountains, and one of them is situated right above the city.

It is here that the village of Brunate is located. If you find yourself in Como, you can easily reach Brunate by car, by taking the funicular, or by walking along the old mule tracks.

The question that naturally arises is: what can I see in Brunate? And why should I visit it? Here are 10 reasons to visit Brunate:

1. Breathtaking panoramic view

Brunate offers a spectacular view of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy unforgettable panoramas and take memorable photos.

2. Brunate funicular

You can reach Brunate by taking the historic funicular. It's a unique experience that allows you to admire incredible landscapes during the ascent.

3. Hiking and walks

Brunate is an ideal starting point for excursions and panoramic walks. You can explore paths immersed in nature and enjoy the fresh air of the hills.

4. Faro Voltiano

This historic lighthouse is an icon of Brunate. You can climb its tower to enjoy an even wider view of the surrounding area, with a 360 degrees view.

5. San Maurizio Church

This charming and richly decorated church is worth a visit. You can admire frescoes, artworks, and traditional religious architecture.

6. Liberty Villas

Brunate is famous for its charming Liberty-style villas, an artistic and architectural movement that flourished between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These villas represent an elegant testimony of the era and add a touch of beauty to Brunate's landscape.

7. Calm Atmosphere

If you desire a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Brunate is the ideal place. The calm and relaxing atmosphere will allow you to enjoy a rejuvenating break, accompanied only by the singing of birds and the rustling of the wind.

8. Local products and culinary delights

You can purchase local food products such as cheeses, meats, olive oil, and other regional specialties. You can also find shops offering traditional sweets and pastries.

9. Souvenir shops

To bring home a memory of Brunate, you must stop by to get a postcard or a magnet!

10. Local Cuisine

Brunate is home to numerous restaurants and cafes offering local specialties. You can savor traditional Italian dishes, such as fresh pasta and gelato, in a delightful atmosphere.

Located just below the Faro Voltiano, with an incredible view of the lake and mountains, you will find MamaGina Café&Bistro.

Here you can stop for lunch or dinner with a view, savoring typical dishes from Lombardy, or you can catch your breath after a long walk while sipping a drink, always enjoying the breathtaking view and refreshed by the summer breeze.

Come and discover Brunate, and visit us at MamaGina, or book a table now by calling +39 031 36 40 99!

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