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Several times in previous articles you've heard me saying that Hotel Paradiso is encircled by nature. This is because understanding the power of our surroundings is truly important to us, as well as adapting to and, above all, respecting it.

paesaggio su lago di como da brunate hotel paradiso
Landscape from Hotel Paradiso

It is a true honor to find ourselves in the midst of untouched nature, surrounded by trees and breathtaking landscapes. For this reason, we have implemented measures that allow us to protect, in our own small way, the beautiful territory that surrounds us. If we were to summarize our philosophy in a slogan, we could say: we must be heroes and save the beauty around us.

Hotel Paradiso and MamaGina Café&Bistro are proud to share with you the green choices that distinguish us and will characterize your stay with us.

The first choice we want to present you concerns the "heart" of MamaGina, which is the kitchen. We have chosen an induction kitchen, completely powered by electricity. This not only helps reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere but also allows us to achieve high-quality cooking, providing everyone with an exciting culinary experience.

lampadine in ristorante
Low-energy light bulb

Throughout the entire facility we have carefully considered energy-efficient lighting solutions, using low-energy light bulbs to optimize and efficiently distribute the energy produced. Additionally, radiant panels have been installed throughout the hotel, ensuring even heating in all areas of the property.

We have also taken your electric car into account: here, you have the opportunity to park your electric vehicle for charging, allowing you to dedicate time visiting the beautiful Lake Como without the need for your car, or the hassle of finding a charging station in the city. You can easily get around by using the cable car, taking a boat, or simply strolling through the charming historic center. Charging is offered free of charge to our guests. This way, you can enjoy relaxation and leave behind the stress.

Moving to our terrace, we use an electric heat pump that harnesses the thermal energy contained in the air to heat the water in our outdoor swimming pool.

When it comes to the interior of the building, both in common areas and in the rooms, our furniture exudes an essence of authenticity, since they are either carefully restored to preserve their antique charm or made from recycled wood, giving these precious resources a second life.

This is our green side. Would you like to come and experience it in person? We are waiting for you!

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