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Throughout this year, we have shown you the reality of our restaurant: you have discovered the dishes, the "behind the scenes", and the staff. Now we'd like to present to you our values, which form the basis not only of our cuisine but of the entire experience at MamaGina Cafè&Bistrò.

mano di cuoca che impasta pasta per fare il pane
Homemade cuisine

First and foremost, MamaGina aims to represent homemade cuisine with classic homemade dishes. Here, you will find those typical flavors of our childhood, as well as those rooted in tradition because, in the end, the dishes cooked by our grandmother – or mother – were precisely the ones tied to the traditions of our region.

Equally important to us is respecting the seasonality of ingredients. That's why we change our menu according to the season we are in: for better freshness and quality of ingredients but also to "give the body what it wants" ... who would say no to a fresh Caprese salad under the summer sun? Or a delicious stew with polenta during the winter?

And following this line, we rely on local ingredients to provide an authentic 100% Italian experience and to support local businesses nearby.

Cuoca con casacca blu con panorama su lago di como sullo sfondo

In short, we could say that our cuisine is both passion and tradition. Using Gina's words: "When you are a part of your history, your tradition, when you come from afar, when you think about your land, when you see the colors and smell the aromas that surrounded you as a child, when your grandmother Gina made fresh pasta, when you were there. When you proudly carry her name, you understand that you must leave a trace of who you are."

Lunch or dinner at MamaGina is characterized by a family atmosphere. This is because everything stems from the desire to share a family cooking experience, and just like at home, you will be welcomed as if you were part of the family.

Now, let's talk about the "added values," namely our location. As you already know, MamaGina Cafè&Bistrò is situated in front of a marvelous view of Lake Como, amidst nature, silence, and tranquility. It is precisely our location that has led us to reflect on our territory, valuing and respecting it through green choices, but above all, it has made us realize its importance, allowing us to offer an authentic experience to all our guests – a true embodiment of Italian culture in every aspect: good food, enchanting places, and warm, familiar hospitality!

If you would like to come and visit us to learn more about us, our dishes, and our location, please reserve a table by calling +39 031 36 40 99. We look forward to welcoming you!

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