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Lake Como


Special collaboration with Como Rental Solution 

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Bike now, walk later! For who want Experience the lake on two wheels: your Vespa, a sunny day, the wind on your face and the people you love 

Experience the incredible sensation of flying without wings letting yourself be carried away by the wind

Pleasant moments in the clouds, but at the same time it is essential to keep your feet firmly on the ground

Fly from blue water to blue sky.Aero Club Como is flying on water, in the air and on land. It is the living in unison of the two great universes of aviation and water. It's flying the freest way you can imagine in general aviation. It means accessing the most beautiful places in the world, which are invariably located on or near water.

Provides an efficient, comfortable and safe public transport service on the water, the perfect way to visit the beautiful and elegant villas on the lake, the small villages. The lake from the lake. 

Offer you unforgettable tourist itineraries, to be enjoyed in complete autonomy or with on board personnel.

Enjoy a day spent at Comacina island or on one of the fantastic beaches on the lake, enjoy the pleasure of passing from one location to another without having to worry about traffic, enjoy a refreshing swim in the middle of the lake. 

Rent the best racing bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes and equipment for your adventures. Discover amazing places around ComoLake on two wheels.

Start your ride on ComoLake 

Live Lake Como by bicycle!

From relaxed trips discovering local cuisine and wine, through amazing road bike climbs, to the adrenaline of our mountain trails: we have all what it takes to let you live a unique experience made by nature and fun! 

Our unique way of discovering the city offers people a new system that anyone can use in a simple, intuitive and innovative way.


Anyone can visit the entire city in just a few hours by simply hiring a bike, instead of getting tired walking around and sweating in the hot summer sun.


By walk

From the mountain to the lake discovering unique landscapes. Start breathing pure air of the mountain and arrive to the romantic village of Torno. Reward yourself eating something on the lake front and come back to Como taking a relaxing boat trip.


10 km

4 hours go 


7.52 km

3 hours go and back


Walk through lonely paths, enchanted woods and traditional chalet. Only you and the endless freedom of the mountain. At the top, be ready to say OMG forget the effort in front of spectacular views.

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