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"we must be heroes and save the beauty around us"

Now, more than ever, we have understood what really matters: a walk in nature breathing pure air, the freedom to travel, discovery the traditions and beauty of every little corner of the world, laugh at dinner with friends  drinking a good glass of wine, in front of the sunset.

Now, more than ever, we have understood that we must to get closer to this beautiful world where we live

We are proud to tell you our green policy:

We live in Italy, in such a sunny country and thanks to modern technologies we can use the sun rays to continue living without contaminating this world.

How we use the energy: 


The induction cooker, 100% electric, not only allows us to avoid the emission of CO2 into the air but also allows us to maintain high quality cooking to give everyone the same emotion food experience.

The light bulbs for lighting are low-energy to optimize and distribute the energy produced

Radiant panels have been applied throughout the hotel that allow the spaces to be heated uniformly

 Sleep 'n Charge 

Relax and leave the stress away. Here you can forget your electric car under the charging and take your time to visit the beautiful Como lake, absolutely without car, with cablecar, ferry boat or with a nice walk in the old town. The Charge is free for our guest.

To heat the water in the outdoor pool we use an electric heat pump that uses the heat particles present in the air

Our furniture is ancient and restores or made by recycled wood, to give a second life to materials.


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