a place 

 for your bike 


In a World within a World



Start your day in the right mood: an Energy breakfast to boost your ride 

Fill your water bottle, grab a seasonal fruit and GO!  

After your climb recover your energy, your beer will be here waiting for you, drink it with a snack and relax in the LakeView jacuzzi. 

Taste a real local dinner in front of the sunset and recharge yourself for your next challenge 

Bike Rooms, a safe place where your bike can finally rest and recharge for your next adventure 

for your

Tools to keep your bike in great shape

A place where you can shower your bike and make it pretty for your next beautiful experience together

Find out the most exciting gpx routes on the most famous stage on ComoLake  

Study the next route and load the right bars to your bike

now.. it's time to CHALLENGE YOURSELF

Wear the Giro experience and enjoy the most exciting ComoLake stages



Level Difficult 

Distance 97.17

Max Height  1.123 m

Racing bike 

Imagine to downhill through the Civiglio and arrive in Bellagio.

After a quick break at “Madonna del Ghiasallo” the cycling temple, you’ll be ready to climb the Sormano wall, the hardest cycling path in the world. 

And then the last sprint from Sormano to Brunate.  

Experience the ride on roads overlooking the lake and the union with nature while pushing on the most strenuous climbs of the world 



Level low-medium

Distance 78.66

Max Height  882 m

Racing bike 

Ride on the most panoramic route: start your journey in Como, fly on the exciting road to Bellagio, once there take the boat, relax and recharge while admiring the lake from the lake.

From Tremezzo to Como: a romantic, tiny road that cross the small villages on the lake. And then the last sprint: From Como to Brunate. 

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