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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Spring means only one thing: flowers. What better way to appreciate it than diving into blooming gardens, filled with color?

ortensie fucsia rosa blu bianche e variegate
Hydrangeas in Villa del Grumello

Como is renowned for the world-famous villas along its lake, but just as splendid

are their gardens, filled - during the springtime - with so much color and fragrance that will make the memory unforgettable.

It is for this reason that I would like to introduce you to the most beautiful and picturesque places where to appreciate the blossoming of flowers.


The Gardens of Villa Melzi d'Eril, in Bellagio, are an example of an English garden made harmonious by the Italian elegance represented by the essential and clean aesthetics. It's for this reason that they have become over time one of the most fascinating gardens in Italy.

Laghetto in giardino con ponticello che si riflette in acqua con alberi colorati sullo sfondo verde e rossi
Villa Melzi d'Eril

They were built in the early 1800s and have since then been a place of unique beauty and

inspiration for writers and artists thanks to the perfect botanical and historical landscape balance.

The refined taste that characterizes the Gardens of Villa Melzi finds its greatest expression in the

numerous species of historic camellias that can be admired in the park. A symbolic flower of the

Oriental culture, in which is contained the omen of spring, of the renewal of life.

For further information, visit the website:


The garden of Villa Carlotta, in Tremezzina, is composed of different botanical elements, coming from different geographical regions. Let's discover them together:

tunnel di agrumi
Citrus grove a Villa Carlotta
  • The citrus tunnels: Citrons, chinottos, tangerines, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, bergamots, and cedars are located on one of the terraces in front of the villa.

  • Monumental trees: Their presence gives majesty and character to the garden.

  • Camellias: Here at Villa Carlotta, the flowering of the camellias is the event that kicks off the spring season. Some of the specimens are more than a century old.

  • Azaleas: It is the abundant blooms of the azaleas that make the garden famous thanks to the different colors of the petals, which totally fill the foliage, creating beautiful "spots" of color.

  • Rhododendrons: those of Villa Carlotta are undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the park.

  • Hydrangeas: which are scattered in the shady areas of the garden.

  • Roses: which make everything a little more romantic.

Words do not do honor to Villa Carlotta's garden; the only way to truly understand its magnificence and majesty is to see it with your own eyes.

To know more, click here:


The historic Grumello Park, with its typical romantic setting, offers unique emotions thanks to the gaze towards the city and, at the same time immersed in the enchanting landscape of Lake


serra di vetro con fiori bianchi
Villa del Grumello

Crossed by paths offering enchanting viewpoints, Grumello Park is the heart of the Chilometro della conoscenza, a park that unites the Villa of Grumello, Villa Olmo and Villa


Grumello Park is filled with blooms in every season - wisteria, azaleas, rhododendrons and a

rich collection of rare hydrangeas and many more- and enriched with fine old trees

such as the majestic cedar, pines, redwoods and a specimen of Ginko biloba, next to which is the

pond with water lilies and where the garden and vegetable garden dedicated to Pliny the Elder have recently sprung up.

For more information, visit:


The park constitutes an important natural and scenic complex of great attractiveness, which

overlooks Lake Como in Varenna.

giardino con fiori rossi e viola con colonne in pietra sullo sfondo
Villa Monastero

Recurring and symbolic elements are the rows of cypress trees along the Villa's driveway, the cedars of Lebanon and the evergreen hedges.

The features that can be seen today are those common for Como lake's gardens of the late

1800s, in which an interest in rarity prevails thanks to the inclusion of botanical novelties

from all over the world.

Thanks to considerable enhancement work, the essences have been implemented and today exceed

900 specimens.

The route through the park also allows visitors to appreciate the architectural decoration that

blends with the garden, enhanced by various elements such as statues, temples and fountains, which go with the vegetation up to the Kaffeehaus.


The area where the Giardino della Valle is located today, was until the 1980s an illegal landfill in Cernobbio. Thanks to the work of Mrs. Pupa Frati, the fate of this place changed drastically.

Ponte di legno in mezzo a giardino verde
Giardino della Valle

Grandma Pupa applied to the municipality to be allowed to reclaim the entire area, which, at the time, was disused, impassable, and overgrown with brambles.

At her own expense and thanks to some donations, she then proceeded to clear the

valley of the Garrovo, managing to create already, after a few years, a beautiful rock garden and a few flower beds.

Today the garden is beautiful and lush, a real public park.

But as Mrs. Pupa's strength was no longer enough, it was created the Association Giardino della Valle, which transformed the valley of brambles into a little corner of Paradise in the heart of Cernobbio.

Learn more about the garden here:


Finally, not to miss is the lakeside walk in Menaggio. It is always nice to stroll accompanied by the spring breeze, but here everything is made more pleasant by the colors and scents of flowers.


Hotel Paradiso is the perfect place for this spring vacation: we are completely surrounded by greenery and the scent of fresh mountain air.

Vista sul lago di Como da terrazza panoramica a Brunate
View from Panoramic Terrace

We are located on the mountain overlooking Como, from which the view of the lake is incomparable!

The tranquility that will accompany you on your visits to the gardens will certainly not leave you during your stay: the only noise that will fill your ears will be the birdsong in the morning!

Hotel Paradiso is waiting to give you unique sensations during your stay and to

pamper you after a day of walking; you only have book (,A&in=2023-5-8&out=2023-5-12&coupon=), we will take care of the rest!

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