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  • What do think if we meet on Zoom and talk about whatever you want?

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Hi! I'm Laura, we miss you too much that we decided to create this space for you.


A place where we can see each other.

Where we can talk about your request.

The right place to find answer at your request. Immediately, LIVE.

Plan your video conference meet, with us.

Is free









Discover a different, original, new travel idea, even just for a day, get out of the daily routine, discover a different authenticity way of living, different from yours, we can help you, with a magical place


If you are looking for an idea, a moment, a suggestion to give a boost to your personal, professional or study life

we can help you with an extraordinary place


Do you need to slow down, pause, find slower and deeper thinking? Take back the power to decide how and what to do. we can help you, here time is all yours, surrounded by breathtaking and motionless landscapes.


Do you need connection? different opinions, confronted, found with whoever you want, discuss, chat, get involved, we can help you, we have the spaces you are looking for.


your next

wow experience


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in safe.


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Arial vista di Green Field

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difference. NOW  

how to reach by car this 


corner in the world?

So many reviews speak on the way to get to us, don't worry you can do it. 

in any case if you want to have other option without the car check here  

Do you really want to know how to reach us by car? good, you know, in your life the way to reach the heaven is full of curves, but if you know how to drive smoothly and correctly, it's easier, same like here.

be an hero try

Italian driver 


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