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Updated: Feb 26

"It’s spring, girls," quoted an old song. This metaphor represents the awakening of nature and the invitation to leave home to admire it in all its splendor, with the air imbued with the scent of its flowers and the clear sky.

While the warmth of the sun begins to gently warm the skin and the days become increasingly long and mild, my advice is to spend a holiday on the shores of our wonderful Lake Como.

Have you ever wondered why this location is perfect to visit this season?

There are fewer people than in summer, which means less traffic on the road and easier access to attractions.

Even the villages are more accessible this season, without the chaos of mass tourism.

In short, you can really say that you have relaxed at the end of the holiday.

The climate is milder, not as cold as in winter but not as sweaty as in summer.

Light clothing and a jacket will be enough if you get a bit of wind.

And if it rains? Don’t worry. You can take refuge in visiting some monuments or villas indoors. There are plenty of things to do!

Another advantage is certainly not trivial rates, better than when the heat and sun are the masters.

By saving on accommodation, you can enjoy that extra treat during your stay.

Maybe that dress you saw in that window downtown!

Now you just have to read on to find out everything I have to recommend!


Let’s start from the villages, small pearls set on a green thread that embellish the surrounding landscape.


Bellagio is certainly among the most renowned and fascinating, with its steep streets, stately homes, villas and the historic center.


The ups and downs of stairs is definitely worth all the effort because between the alleys and houses there are glimpses that will leave you really breathless.

The lakeside promenade, where you can walk in peace, is divided into two branches: the beautiful promenade "Lungolago Europa", which runs along part of the shore, and Punta Spartivento, located in the most It offers one of the best panoramic views of the lake.


A little further north of Bellagio, on the Lecco shore, you will find Varenna, a small fishing village indicated by many as the most beautiful in the area.

It is very picturesque thanks to the colors of its streets and houses and the abundant floral decoration.

One of its main attractions is the "Walk of Lovers": a pedestrian path covered with vegetation and with a beautiful view of the lake that connects the dock with the historic center. So you will have to enjoy a walk, maybe in the evening in the company of your better half, with the landscape decorated with lights to make it even more romantic.

Also you can not miss Villa Monastero, famous for its botanical gardens, and the Castle of Vetzio from which you have one of the best views of the entire lake.


Just on the opposite bank of Varenna is Menaggio. The center is divided into two parts: the upper part, where there are several churches such as the Church of Santo Stefano or the Church of Santa Marta, and the walk on the lake, where it is frequent to find stalls of crafts or lavender products.



Finally, I can’t tell you about Torno, once considered among the most important cities of the area thanks to the fabric trade, which is reflected in its buildings.

But the remains of the castle walls contribute to the charm of this place.

Little curiosity: in this town were shot many scenes of the famous soap opera "Vivere", which was broadcast by Channel 5 in the late 90s and early 2000.

These villages, as well as by car, can also be reached by boat starting directly from Como.

Visit the website to discover all the itineraries.


As already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, our Lake is adorned with villas, real art jewels that make the panorama even more sophisticated.

You can admire them from the water during one of the many boat tours, but the real charm happens when you go down and explore the interior.

In spring, in March, the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) organizes two days where some of them are open and can be visited free of charge.

The purpose of the FAI is to restore and reopen to the public monuments and natural places unique of our country that are entrusted to him by donation or concession.

It is therefore worth spending a few hours discovering these treasures, without which they would be lost.

Visit to discover all the news!


Belonging to the places of the FAI we find a real gem: Villa Fogazzaro Roi (, located on the Italian bank of Ceresio in Valsoda.

Villa Fogazzaro Roi

Here Antonio Fogazzaro spent long periods and found inspiration for his best-known novel, "Piccolo mondo antico", published in 1896.

Visiting the villa is like immersing yourself in the atmosphere narrated in the novel, from the study with the personal memories of the writer to the library, the living room, the frescoed gallery to the private dock, all made even more impressive by the roof garden from which to enjoy the view of Lake Lugano.


Picturesque residence built in 1787 on a pre-existing Franciscan monastery, was the lake retreat of Cardinal Durini and in modern times, was chosen by Guido Monzino, entrepreneur, collector and passionate traveller, as a refuge to preserve the memories of an adventurous life that led him, the first Italian, on top of Everest.

Feats represented by his relics, kept in the fascinating Museum of Expeditions.

Awarded by tourists as the most visited Bene FAI in Italy, this frame has been chosen by many Hollywood directors to shoot some scenes of Star Wars and 007, because of its incredible beauty and scenic location.

So, if you are a cinema fan, you can’t miss it. you’ll feel like you’re on set!


Not belonging to the places of the FAI but of divine beauty is certainly Villa Carlotta (https///

You can’t help but admire its blooming gardens, where you can breathe in the scent that emanates.

Villa Carlotta

The Italian garden with roses, citrus tunnels and camellias, the first to bloom.

You will find some specimens that are even more than a century old!

The romantic garden will enchant you with hydrangeas (although the best time to see them is summer), English roses, the rock garden with succulents, and tropical plants.

But the real protagonists are the azaleas, which have made Villa Carlotta famous all over the world, thanks to the riot of colors and the intensity of flowering that these plants give every year in spring.

There are also many rhododendrons and monumental trees that give majesty to the whole garden.

But be careful: do not get lost in the Valley of the Ferns, created specifically to amaze you with its theatrical setting with a stream flowing on the bottom!

The villa, built in 1690 at the behest of Marquis Giorgio Clerici, is a maze of rooms where every corner will enchant you and will make you take a dip in the past It is also rich in statues and art collections, including the group of Love and Psyche created between 1819 and 1824 by Adamo Tadolini, the favorite pupil of the famous painter and sculptor Antonio Canova.


If you love nature and hiking in the mountains you should definitely spend a day on the Pre-Alps that surround the territory.


Inevitable will be a walk on Monte San Primo, considered the most panoramic of the Larian triangle given its particular position on the Comasche Prealps and being the highest peak in the area. It offers a very beautiful view not only on the Lario but also on all the mountains that surround it and, on extremely clear days, also on a part of the northern Apennines.


Monte Galbiga

Another viewpoint is Monte Galbiga.

From its top at an altitude of 1698 meters, you can admire in the clearest days 6 lakes: Lake Maggiore, Lake Muzzano, Lake Lugano, Lake Piano, Lake Como and Lake Mezzola.

Special mention at Lake Piano: located in Val Menaggio is a Regional Nature Reserve. Along the path that starts from Bene Lario, do not miss a stop in the medieval village of Castel San Pietro and following a stretch of the former railway "Porlezza - Menaggio", suppressed in 1939, you can complete the tour of the lake.

From the top of Mount Galbiga are also well visible the town of Porlezza, Mount Grona, Val Perlana and Val d'Intelvi.

Visible from here is also the chain of the Alps among which the Monte Rosa stands out.


Hotel Paradiso Como, with swimming pool and spa, is a perfect base for exploring the surroundings in peace.

You will be greeted by the smell of the cake rising from the kitchen and the hospitality of our reception staff.

Bedroom Hotel Paradiso Como

After a busy day, some relaxation is well deserved.

You just have to dive into the panoramic heated pool with thermal water at 35 degrees, sipping a drink at sunset or soaking in the bubbles of the Jacuzzi in the wellness area. There will also be a fantastic Finnish sauna waiting for you.

You can then dine in the moonlight on the panoramic terrace, enjoying the tradition of MamaGina with its delicacies.

In its cozy rooms you will rest on comfortable beds and, as soon as you wake up, you can enjoy a coffee maybe overlooking the window or the terrace, enjoying the quiet and only the chirping of birds to keep you company.

For this spring we thought of everything: discover the special packages dedicated to couples and friends and spend a fabulous holiday with those you love.

Don’t waste time. many surprises await you!

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