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Throughout this year, I've given you some ideas about what to do or see in Como during spring and summer. But with the arrival of autumn, the landscapes darken and the atmosphere changes, becoming "cozier" For this reason, today I propose activities that embrace this mood more closely.


One thing not to miss in Como during autumn is the villas. Seeing how this season changes the colors and the atmosphere, making it almost magical, as if you were inside a movie set, is undoubtedly on the list of things to see.

So once again, I suggest Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, Villa Monastero in Varenna, Villa Balbianello in Lenno, Villa Melzi in Bellagio, and many others.

However, there's a villa I would like to introduce to you, perfect for this time of the year. I'm talking about the


The villa, nicknamed Casa Rossa due to its original color, was commissioned by Felice De Vecchi, one of the protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento. Inside its walls, the furnishings were of great splendor; the count shared a deep passion for the East and had adorned the villa with numerous objects from different parts of the world.

villa abbandonata in provincia di como
Villa dei fantasmi

This residence, completed in 1858 according to the design of architect Alessandro Sidoli, not only presented a rich collection of furnishings spread over three floors but also boasted a surrounding park with a large outdoor garden, containing a fountain that has mysteriously disappeared today. Despite its historical importance, the villa was officially abandoned in 1938 by the heirs of the De Vecchi family. After passing through some local business families in the 1980s, the villa fell into a state of abandonment, also suffering from acts of vandalism and furniture theft.

In recent years, there have been increasingly frequent accounts of suspicious occurrences inside the villa. According to local legends, during the nights of summer or winter solstices, it is said that one can hear the lament of a woman coming from inside the villa. This lament is believed to belong to the historical owner's lover, who died within the walls under mysterious circumstances, perhaps a murder.

Another legend surrounding the villa concerns a piano; it's said that during the nighttime hours, one can hear the sound of a piano coming from the hall, where an old, now ruined piano still remains.

However, Giovanni Negri, son of the last custodian of the estate, Antonio, has repeatedly stated that the rumors of tragic events in the villa are unfounded.


borgo sul lago di como
Rogaro Village

On the Como shore of Lake Como, in Tremezzina, stands Rogaro, a charming village located on top of a hill that offers a splendid view of the lake. Despite the tourist presence in this area, Rogaro hides an unexpected treasure: an ancient settlement that retains its original charm.

To reach this village, you need to park your car on the road that climbs from Tremezzo to Rogaro and follow the small road that leads to the historic center of the village. Here, 18th-century houses surround a Baroque-style church overlooking a small square.

The church, dedicated to Santa Maria, houses a splendid black Madonna, a roughly one-meter-tall statue carved from lime wood, with Eastern-style eyes that capture the observer's attention. Legend has it that this statue comes from the famous Swiss sanctuary of Einsiedeln and was smuggled to Italy in 1517 by a family of Swiss Catholics fleeing Protestant persecutions.

However, more in-depth research has revealed a different version. The oratory dedicated to the Madonna of Einsiedeln was built in 1733 at the request of the Magnino brothers, Tommaso and Bernardo. The lime wood statue, dating back to 1680-1700, is not the original late-Gothic miraculous Madonna of Einsiedeln, but rather a copy created by a Swiss or German sculptor.

As you walk through the narrow streets of Rogaro, you can admire lemon trees growing outdoors thanks to the favorable local climate. Leaving the village, the plain of Rogaro extends, an agricultural area characterized by bright meadows and breathtaking views. This area was even chosen by director George Lucas to shoot some scenes for a "Star Wars" movie.


Ponte sul lago di como
Ponte del Diavolo

On the shore of Lake Como, stretching from Como to Bellagio, the air is still filled with devilish and witchy atmospheres. Among these fascinating stories stands out the tale of the "Devil's Bridge" in Lezzeno, located along a road carved into the mountain, leading to the splendid "pearl of Lake Como," Bellagio.

Built between 1911 and 1917, the bridge provided employment for numerous local workers. However, the construction site location was a steep cliff over the lake, almost inaccessible. Therefore, the legend tells that the engineer responsible for the construction, faced with numerous difficulties, was tempted by the devil, who offered to help in exchange for the soul of the first person to cross the bridge. The engineer accepted but eventually tried to trick the devil by having a dog cross first after throwing a bone.


fiume più breve d'italia

Another fascinating and legendary place is located on the Lake Como, along the Lecco shore, just before Varenna. This is the Fiumelatte, known as the shortest river in Italy. The river emerges from a cave hidden among dense vegetation and flows for only 250 meters before pouring into the lake. However, its true charm lies not only in its brevity but in the fact that no one has yet managed to locate its source or explain its intermittence. It's said that the Fiumelatte begins to flow on March 25th each year and stops on October 7th, manifesting itself only for a short period.


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camera d'hotel con materasso matrimoniale e lenzuola bianche con runner blu
Junior Suite

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