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Como Lake area

CORONAVIRUS – THE RECOVERYOVERCOMING THIS MOMENT OF DIFFICULTY AND REORGANIZING: THIS IS THE PRIORITY ALSO FOR US ATLAKE COMO TOURISMIn recent days the territory of Lake Como - an attractive tourist destination at international level - has recorded numerous cancellationsfrom tourists with concerns fuelled by worrying communications in the media.On Lake Como accommodation facilities, restaurants, bars and shops are regularly open and safe. We are not trying to belittle the situation, but the need for some extra attention should not be the reason to give up enjoying the beauty of a nice vacation on the lake. Spring is just around the corner and the beautiful villas of the Lario are ready to open their blooming gardens to the public. In addition, in this season all the services related to navigation, outdoor activities and excursions in the mountains resume their operations.We continue to work in view of the coming season, confident that tourists will not give up the beauty of Italy, culture, good foodand our warm hospitality.And even if spring should start undertone, we are very optimistic about summer and we think that this is the right opportunity to aim to increase tourism even in winter.In critical times like these days we believe that it is even more important to develop synergies and collaborations among all the activities in our territory, in order to be able to convey a common,positive message of recovery and make Lake Como a touristic destination 365 days a year.We are looking forward to welcoming you here and we are sure that our Lake will fascinate you even more with the beauty of its territory!

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