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Over the past few months we showed you the reality of staying at Hotel Paradiso and enjoying the home-style cuisine of MamaGina Café&Bistrò.

Now we would like to introduce you to our beautiful staff, because, at the end of the day, it is because of them that your experience can be defined unforgettable.


"When you are part of the history of your tradition, when you start from afar, when you think of your land, when you see the colors and smell the scents that surrounded you as a child, when your grandmother Gina made fresh pasta, when you were there. When you proudly carry her name, you understand that you have to leave a trace of who you are."

Gina is our Chef. With the power of her dreams and her cooking she created MamaGina and every day she fills us with her energy. A source of inspiration.


"I enjoy working at MamaGina for several reasons. The most important one is that we are a big

family. We are always in touch with people from all over the world and we always try to

convey our happiness to them as well and we try to make them part of our

family. We support each other, help each other and everyone learns new things every day."

Giorgia is our reception manager. She is in charge of welcoming you to our hotel and making sure your stay is unforgettable. A sweet welcome.


"I discovered a different place, a place out of the ordinary. I have met people who are prepared and

willing to learn. I have learned the value of work and teamwork. I discovered days

filled with people, smiles, languages and cultures, different colors and different stories coming together in daily commitment and work. I discovered myself a boy, ready to discover myself a man. I found a family."

Francesco is our head waiter. He is in charge of bringing you the experience and values that gave birth to MamaGina: family and warmth. Elegance and attention to detail.


Nicole, Francesco and Ayesh are our waiters. Thanks to their liveliness, friendliness and professionalism you can have a good time and feel at home while waiting for your dish from the kitchen.


"I like working at MamaGina because I get along with my colleagues, it's a very youthful environment and I get to meet people from all over the world."


"I like working in this hotel because the staff is very friendly and we work as a big team, a big family, with fantastic beauty and a lot of happiness."


"Speaking of professional relationship, because that's mainly what it is, I can say that working

in this environment, in this reality brings me satisfaction, I feel I have a responsibility and, as a result, I appreciate customer satisfaction and this leads me to fully appreciate my role [...]. I also appreciate the relationship with colleagues, a relationship that is professional but sincere, which makes me feel "part of" , which makes me feel comfortable."


"I like working at MamaGina because you learn new things day after day, the colleagues

are friendly and I can be myself! In short, I owe MamaGina a THANK YOU."

Beatrice is our assistant chef. Together with Gina she prepares the delicious (and beautiful) dishes that represent not only our tradition, but also the passion of home cooking and family cooking.


"I feel I have found a place where I can put my qualities to good use. I am a very organized and precise person, and here I can "enforce" these values of mine. I am in a place where I feel valued."

Ganka is our housekeeper. With her spirit of cooperation and dedication, she stays behind the scenes taking care of your stay. Tireless motivator.

She also, along with Beatrice, supports Gina as an assistant chef on busy days.

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