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The Sagra di San Giovanni is a beautiful event held on Lake Como and the oldest in tradition, art and folklore. This year it will be held on June 24 and 25, 2023.

fuochi d'artificio sul lago di como a ossuccio durante la sagra di san giovanni
Fireworks from Ossuccio

We are located in the enchanting scenery of Comacina Island, and the most awaited moment of the festival is the fireworks and music show, which is meant to recall the glorious past experienced by the Tremezzino and Lombard territory.

The lumaghitt festival, which takes place during the Sagra di San Giovanni, traces its origin to an ancient local legend according to which the inhabitants of the area asked for the protection of St. John the Baptist to get rid of the terrible hailstorms that devastated the crops every June. Since then, the procession in honor of the saint has been repeated every year, accompanied by festivities and nighttime illuminations. At the festival, people eat polenta and snails, a tradition that led to the creation of lumaghitt, candles made using the empty shells of snails, oil and a wick.

Incendio isola comacina sagra di san giovanni
Fire of the Island

The celebration was also enriched by the presence of fires lit on the island and on floating rafts, which took on another meaning over time: that of remembering the burning of the island in 1169. The people of Como, in revenge for the inhabitants of the island who had participated in the destruction of their city in 1127, put the island to the sword, destroying everything, including the nine churches that stood on the fortified rock.

It is precisely for this reason that we refer to the fireworks display as "The Fire of the Island".

In addition to the fireworks display, which will be held on June 24, there will be, on the following day, a procession on the Island with costumed figures and a regatta with the Lucie, historic boats of Como Lake.

Both days, however, will be accompanied by two gastronomic evenings.


Considering that the festival will attract a lot of people from all over the lake, I recommend that you spend the whole day, or at least the afternoon, around Isola Comacina, so that you don't get stuck in traffic jams and don't have too much trouble finding parking (also because already in the late afternoon the roads are closed).

I would recommend staying nearby Ossuccio, so that you are already in the area for the evening fireworks show.


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