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A weekend on Como Lake is always nice, but an entire week is peerless!

After all, there’s lots of things to see, but at least in 7 days you don’t have to rush to see them all!

in primo piano glicine viola con sfondo sul lago di como e barche
Como Lake

Trust me and explore our extraordinary territory! As alway, at the end of this article, I will suggest the best offer for this kind of stay.


If you’re staying on the lake for a week (or more), in addition to the amazing natural attractions I listed in the last article (, you cannot miss these experiences that are available only here in Como!


Canyoning is an activity that involves ropes, jumps and slides to get from the top of a canyon, of a river or a valley to the bottom.

donna in muta da sub che si lancia da roccia in acqua facendo canyoning

This is surely one of the funniest activities to do in the area: the ideal canyons are carved in the rock, creating narrow gorges, sometimes with stunning waterfalls.

Where can you do canyoning?

In Lenno, with an excursion along the Valle Perlana, or in Bodengo, with two different paths: a fun, easy and easily accessible canyon, with jumps up to 7 meters. The other one is one of the most beautiful paths of the region, famous for the cristalline water and jumps up to 15 meters.


Jungle Raider Park are the original adventure parks built on trees. Ability paths hanging in the air, that develop among trunks, wood bridges and lianes that connect one tree to the other.

There are three parks in the area: one in Civenna, one in Margno and the last one in Albavilla.

If you go to the one in Civenna, you have to stop at the “Balcone di Civenna”, just 10 minutes by car from there, where you can find the first Big Bench of Lake Como! From here the panorama is simply stunning!

For more information:

Then, there’s another path: the Jungle Raider Park XTreme, with cableways higher than 40 meters and long up to 250 meters, for a unique experience.

Jennifer’s tip: if it’s your first time or if you have children, I suggest going to the above mentioned parks, where you can choose the path most suitable for you. If - on the other hand - you want to experience some adrenaline, then go straight to the Xtreme path! I can assure that it’s an amazing experience! Once finished, you’ll want to do it again!


Como Lake is one of the few places in Italy that gives the opportunity to have a tour on a seaplane. It’s a your for 2 or 4 people, flying over the most enchanting places of the lake.

You depart directly from the lake and you’ll fly over the most beautiful villas of the lake and the villages along the shore.

For further information, visit or have a look at the areo club Como website:

Besides these unique experiences, you can also leave the lake and go towards the mountain:


The Balcone d’Italia is a hilltop terrace on the Italian-Swiss border, with incredible views of Lugano Lake and the Alps. It is the best way to admire Lugano Lake and Switzerland while staying in Italy.

vista dal balcone d'Italia su lago e montagne
View from Balcone D'Italia

The scenery on the summit of Mount Sighignola leaves you breathless. You arrive in fact on an overhanging terrace, that is why it is called balcony of Italy, which plunges downstream with a difference in altitude of 1000 meters. Under your feet you can admire Lake Ceresio, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore and you will have a wonderful view of the city of Lugano. Raising your eyes slowly through woods and trails, the Alpine chain and the majestic peaks of the Alps that can be seen on the horizon.

Otherwise, you can explore the smaller lakes around us, like

Lago verde e blu con montagne sullo sfondo
Lago del Segrino

Lake Segrino is considered the cleanest lake in Europe due to its underground sources and the absence of pollution from industry or tourism. Lake Segrino is the ideal destination for a relaxing day at the equipped Aquilegia beach where you can also rent pedal boats and canoes, or for a walk surrounded by nature around the lake (5 km).

A perfect place for a trip out of town, Lake Segrino was mentioned by many writers, including Stendhal, who compared it to an “emerald gem”, because of the color of its waters.


With Hotel Paradiso’s “Stay & SaveOffer, you book for 6 nights but you pay just for 5!

This offer is valid on all refundable rates, only if you book directly from our website (and we’re talking about an amount equal to a 15% discount!).

We have thought about this offer especially for you, so that you can enjoy you week at its best!

Moreover, Hotel Paradiso has all the services you’ll ever need to make you week as relaxing as possible!

Besides being surrounded by the nature, where the clean air, the silence and tranquility reign, from our rooms you will get an amazing view on the lake.

You can also enjoy the view on Como Lake from our panoramic pool, or relax in our Jacuzzi (that you can also book privately during the evening for you and your other half!).

Then, of course, to make the perfect holiday we need a precise formula: relax, fun and great food! For this reason, to your disposal is our restaurant with view, the MamaGina, that offers traditional and local food - all delicious and colorful!

Moreover, to simplify your visit to the city, we offer to all guests that book directly with us a free transfer from the hotel to the funicular, than will bring you to Como’s lakeside, ready to explore the Lake and the city.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let a vacation like this (and an offer like this) slip away from me!

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